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How to Create Cheap yet Quality Custom Labels

Want to print custom labels cheap? If you do, then you should know the things you will want to sacrifice so that the printing costs for labels go down. There are a few simple and specific options out there that should reduce the cost of printing color labels by as much as half. So pay attention to the list below and see if you can sacrifice these for cheaper label printing.

a. Shape customizations - People like customizing the shape of their custom labels. It might be a product label or it might just be a simple naming label, but whatever the case, customizing the shape adds that more natural and “fitted” feel of the label to the item it is attached to. Now, this is good in general terms, but in label printing this means that the additional shape customization will require extra customization fees.

If you sacrifice that custom shape though for your labels and use a more standard and prebuilt shape or format, you can drastically reduce the cost of your labels. By just printing standard small rectangular labels for your purposes, it is possible to cut down a few hundred dollars in customization costs. So if you really want that cheap label printing, just cut down on the customized shape.

b. Material customizations - You can also eliminate a lot of the label printing costs you might be charged with if you can dial down on your label material customizations for printing. Instead of a plastic label, or labels with special reflectors and metallic inks, you can just for a simple color label printed on standard non-glossy paper. With all the material customizations weeded out, your label printing quotation should really come down significantly. Some can even save half of the whole printing cost since those special inks really are quite expensive additions to label printing.

c. Full color printing - For really cheaper label printing, you can actually just sacrifice the full color element in your labels. If you don't really have a full color picture in your custom labels, then you can just have your text in the labels printed in black ink, with a symbol or so attached printed in a spot of one pure color. By eliminating the full color combination option, you can actually cut down your printing cost by as much as 70%. Black and white or spot color labels are that cheaper than their full color counterparts, so if you really want cheap labels, sacrificing color is really the best way to go.

d. Design talent - Finally, you can also sacrifice your design talent to get a lot of savings in your label printing and design. As you no doubt know, the fees of the layout artist, even from label designing can really be quite a handful. This is especially true if you want them to edit or create lots of variations. Fortunately for you, if you really need to save money, you can just eliminate the design talent and use FREE label templates.

Free label templates are easily available when you surf the Internet. Many label printing companies will offer standard label formats from their websites for free. So just access those templates, customize their sample design templates a little and then have a good look color label in moments, without having to pay anyone for the design. It is that easy, so if you need that extra label printing savings, this is a good trick to use.

So are you ready to sacrifice these things for cheap label printing? If you are really desperate then you will have to sacrifice almost all of these. Hopefully though, at least one of these sacrificed can get you that extra resource breathing room to print good looking labels affordably without sacrificing everything. Good luck!

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Date Published : Dec 6 2010

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