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Things that Can Ruin Your Color Brochures

While there are a lot of tutorials in brochure printing about the right ways to do those color brochures, only a few are actually written that remind people of the dangers. Sometimes, it is in knowing and seeing these dangers and mistakes that actually helps people to really learn how to do their brochure printing correctly.

That is why I am here to tell you about the seven ways to ruin your color brochures. Hopefully with all these reminders, you will be able to easily avoid failure and maybe even achieve success in printing those custom brochures. So read each item and try to understand why they can ruin your brochures.

1. Not using brochure templates - While it is possible to print great color brochures without templates, not using brochure templates at all, even as the foundation for the custom print can always bring problems. As with most printers today, brochures are made with specific dimensions and folds. If you opted to no use templates, then your brochure printing will take a long time since those printers will have to retool all their equipment for all those customizations. This leads to delays and additional costs that you probably will not want.

2. Not using full colors - Another mistake that many people make is the removal of colors in the brochure printing process. While it is cheaper to print brochures that are not in full color, it also removes a lot of the major design elements that will make it work. You will typically find a lower response rate for black and white brochures, and that rate is hardly worth the savings you gain in black and white brochure printing. So please, try to always go for full color brochure printing, or not print brochures at all.

3. Not proofreading marketing copy thoroughly - Proofreading is important for your brochure content to be as best as possible for printing, and unfortunately many people actually forget to do this thoroughly. This typically leads to minor mistakes in the text for color brochures that of course typically turns readers off. So if you do not want that to happen and always appeal to readers with tour marketing color brochures, always make the time to proofread the marketing copy thoroughly.

4. Using too many fonts or fonts that are too wild - Another common mistake in brochure design is to use too many fonts or font styles that are too wild. Doing these things makes color brochures look more cluttered and unprofessional which has a negative effect on responses. The best way to avoid this of course is to always limit your font styles to 2 or 3 while at the same time picking your font styles carefully. The more professional looking and clean the better for your color brochures.

5. Using web images - A big mistake in printing brochures would be to add web images into its layout. Images for the Internet are typically rendered in low resolution for quick loading. This means that when those are printed, the quality of the visible image drops down considerably. So always try avoiding web images and getting your images from better high resolution sources.

6. Not dividing content into sections - Another way to totally ruin your brochures would be to not divide the content into sections. Bad brochures typically have long flowing paragraphs with no clear sections or breaks. This will make the custom brochure a real chore to read, diluting its power over the reader. So try to always avoid this and divide your content into appropriate sections.

7. Not using good quality materials - Finally, I know that cheap is good, even in brochure printing, but being “too” cheap though is bad. So you should not ruin your brochures by not using good quality materials. Try to spend as much as you possibly can on a tougher paper material and full color inks. Trust me, it is always worth the investment to spend on quality materials since brochures work best when their paper and inks are great looking and flawless.

So those are the things that will probably ruin your custom brochures plus the solutions that you can do to avoid that from happening. Take all these lessons to heart so that your color brochures won't be ruined and fail on you. Good Luck!

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Date Published : Feb 6 2011

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