Friday, May 6, 2011

Why Social Flyers Work

Some marketers today are using more social flyers. While flyer printing is an activity that you do to integrate your marketing to a social environment, some people still do not understand fully how to put true “social design” elements into their flyers to really have people interact with those prints.

If you are one of those people who are clueless about social flyers then this is the reference guide for you. I will teach you here why social flyers work and how you can make them for your own batch of full color flyers. So put your learning cap on and try to understand these lessons.

a. They connect with the right topics or issues - Most social flyers have one big element in them that makes them different from the rest of promotional flyers out there. They basically have the right topics or issues that matter most to their intended audience. This helps them connect in a more personal and social way with that large market, enabling them to succeed at their job.

So that is why you should try to also integrate this concept in your own color flyers. Do not merely promote things. Tell people why what you are saying matters to them, and what does it mean when it comes to their own lives. If they can understand really how your flyer message can help or change their life, then they will indeed pay attention to the whole content of your custom flyers.

b. They talk with the right cultural “dialect” - Another reason why social flyers work so well is because they talk with the right cultural dialect. Unlike formal flyers with their perfect grammar and spelling, social flyers are always made with the right slang or colloquialisms that help people relate more to its content. By saying the right things in the right way, people will begin to be more comfortable with those flyers, understanding them a lot better than those formal ones. So you better learn all the small eccentricities in the language of your target market. Use those as a guide in writing your own social flyers.

c. They easily adapt and improve - Like any other social print, social flyers are also known to adapt easily and improve. In this way, they have the right content, and the right layout that always matches the popular trends. This means that they are always competitive with ever more improved batches of color flyers. Your own flyer printing should also match this as this will be the key to continuing success in flyer printing.

d. They never lie or withhold the truth - Finally, all social flyers work well because they never lie or withhold the truth. I know it is easy really to be over-sensational with your promotional flyers, but a true social flyer, just like any decent person should never lie or withhold anything in its content. The more trustworthy the flyer is, the more people will trust you and your project/company as the author. This helps in the long term goals of your flyer printing so it is important to always make sure that your content is accurate with nothing really held back in the marketing copy.

So those are the reasons why social flyers work. You should really consider trying this out in your own batch of flyer printing.

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Date Published : Feb 17 2011

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