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Mega Marketing for Mega Money Part 5

You can have a great Product or Service however if you keep it a secret, there won't be any Sales. Of course the missing part of the puzzle is always Marketing. Many people in Business feel that Marketing is an expense that can't afford. Nothing could be further from the truth and in this series of Articles I'll cover many ways to market your Product and/or Service for little or no money.

[25] Offer Up Sells:
A great way to dramatically increase your Sales and Profits is to always offer an Up Sell at the time of Purchase. About 60% of your Customers will buy more if the Up Sell offered is less than 60% of the original purchase price. Don't be afraid to offer a deep discount on your Up Sell Offer since your cost of doing business on that Sale has been significantly reduced.

[26] Use Adjectives:
I urge you to use an Adjective whenever you use a Noun. Of course, the purpose is to add more information and/or impact the Noun used. An example is that a Dog is a Dog, right? Yes, until you add Big, Scrawny, Scruffy, Scary, Cute, Wild, Lovable, etc. These Descriptive Words "Paint Pictures" in your Prospect's or Customer's mind.

[27] Promotional Freebies:
Depending of the size of your Company and the volume of business you do with certain Vendors or Suppliers, you could be missing out on some really neat stuff. Many Companies have a Promotional Department and/or they simply want to keep you as a happy camper. All you have to do is pick up the Phone and start asking who you need to talk to in order to get some give-a-ways. Through the years I've negotiated everything from small things like Mouse Pads, Toys, Shirts or Jackets, to tickets to Pro Football Games, Hospitality Tents and NASCAR Races. You can use them for the Owner, a valued Employee or as a prize for a Sales Contest, etc. Don't wait for them to be offered since I've found that many times the Rep I was dealing with didn't even know these things were even available.

[28] Testimonials:
If we say it, the Prospects can doubt us. If a Client or Customer says it, then it must be true. Use Testimonials on your Web Site, Brochures, Cover Letters and Product or Service Descriptions. If possible, use the person's photograph. Of course with the new FCC rulings, always make sure you keep a copy of the original Testimonial for your records.

[29] Write Killer Kopy:
Here are a couple of quick Tips for writing great promotional Copy. Tell a Story and give them every reason to buy and not just a few. Include a couple of Testimonials. Build in Answers to the most popular Objections and/or Questions. Include a strong Call to Action. Give them a Bonus for ordering now or possibly make it a limited time Offer. Also remember that successful Ads mention the most important part of the Offer 3 times.

[30] Test Long and Short Copy:
The Short Version would normally be the Features and Benefits while the Long Version will get your Prospect and Customers emotionally involved with you, your Company and your offering. The Long version will can outsell the Short version by as much as 40%.

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Date Published : Nov 28 2010

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