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Mega Marketing for Mega Money Part 9

You can have a great Product or Service however if you keep it a secret, there won't be any Sales. Of course the missing part of the puzzle is always Marketing. Many people in Business feel that Marketing is an expense that can't afford. Nothing could be further from the truth and in this series of Articles I'll cover many ways to market your Product and/or Service for little or no money.

[49] Media Interviews:
The best publicity is the kind you get for Free. Hundreds of Newspapers, TV and Radio Talk Shows, Magazines and Newsletters are always looking for a good story. It may be your Products or Services, a Donation made, a Community Service performed, a Company expansion, acquisition or additional location planned, etc.

[50] A Slogan for Branding:
Any Marketing Guru knows the value of creating a Slogan for Branding purposes. Consider Don't leave Home without It, The Greatest Show on Earth, Just Do It, Let your Fingers do the Walking, It's the Real Thing, They're Grrrreat, Imagination at Work, I can't believe I ate the whole thing, Have It Your Way, Put a Tiger in your Tank, So Easy a Caveman can do it or The King of Beers and the odds are you immediately think of the Company or Product behind the Slogan. What can you come up?

[51] Clone Yourself:
A great Vegas Show was Siegfried and Roy with their Magic and White Tigers. Unfortunately their lifetime gig ended when Roy had a Heart Attack and was carried off stage by one of his Tigers. Their Show closed and their business was gone. Another popular Show is the Blue Man Group. It's 3 guys painted electric blue, who splash paint and make weird sounds with a live Rock Band backing them. They realized they could leverage themselves by hiring and training actors, painting them blue and starting more shows. Currently, they can be seen in New York, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Orlando, Berlin, and Tokyo plus a touring Group. The secret is leverage. Siegfried and Roy never figured out how to get paid beyond their personal performance where the Blue Man group duplicated themselves. How can you leverage yourself or your Products without painting yourself blue?

[52] Is the Wrong person writing the Right copy:
When you put together a Cover Letter, Email, Ad Copy, Web Page, etc., do you have a Sales Expert write it or at least ok it before it "goes to press"? I didn't say Marketing Expert, I said SALES Expert because every Sentence and even every Word can be critical. Let your Marketing people do what they do best with their layouts however it's critical that you have a Sales Pro write the Copy.

[53] A different LOOK means more LOOT:
Ever noticed that major Corporations change their Slogan, their Jingle and even their Logo from time to time? It's so their Customers and Prospects don't become bored. They also change the Colors in their Ads, the Headings and even switch their Ad Copy from Long to Short and back. Most Companies have been using the same "Look" for years if not decades.

[54] Continuity means Cash:
Most Companies miss one of the best opportunities for Cash Flow there is, which is a Continuity Program. What Product or Service do you have or could you develop that your Customers would gladly pay for, month after month after month?

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Date Published : Dec 12 2010

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