Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Things to Consider When Creating Newsletters

One of the things that entrepreneurs or business novices are often afraid of when they start their newsletter printing is whether their newsletters would pass the trash test or not. You may be thinking of what is a trash test. It is simply the manner of testing whether your newsletters will appeal to your customers or be sent to the trash can right after it was handed out.

Newsletter printing is regarded as one of the most important marketing tools for any business owner as it is the one thing that provides the first impression that your target clients have of you and your company. A newsletter serves as an advertising tool as it includes your business profile, latest news on the company, special events, conferences attended, job hiring, among others.

If your newsletter printing templates are not catchy and informative enough, you will find them in the recipients' garbage bin. And that's the end of it.

That is why if you don't want it to see being thrown in the trash can; you need to carefully plan the details and the design before it leaves your business premises.

Here are some of the things you need to take note of when creating a winning newsletter:

Size. One of the things that determine whether your newsletter gets trashed or not is its size. Does it conform to the standards of newsletter printing? Or are you the kind of marketer that goes for the unusual and unique so that you print newsletters that are much bigger (or smaller) than that of the usual standard size? Answer these questions before making a rough draft.

Of course, that would definitely make you stand out as your target clients would find it rare for a newsletter to have a different size. But don't you think your newsletter would be a bit too big and be mistaken as a portfolio? So how would your target clients keep your newsletter? Surely the end result would be the trash bin for you.

Paper quality. The texture of the paper would definitely grab the attention of your client. Especially when it is thicker than the regular paper. Anything flimsy or perforated would definitely get trashed. And a newsletter that would immediately dissolve and turn into pieces when water is spilt on it would have a hard time getting kept. But I am also not saying that a cheap newsletter will always get trashed. A cheap-looking newsletter that reflects a bad reputation for your company will certainly get trashed all the time.

Visibility of texts. Of course, information that is difficult to read because the ink ran out would be useless to your target clients. So make sure that the content is readable and understandable.

Design. The design and look of your newsletter is the first thing a customer gets noticed of. That is why your design should grab their attention so they would want to get it and read the content. Hence, your design and layout should always be in synch with the image you would want to portray for your company. If in case your product is the newsletter itself, designs should be in line with the customer's taste.

Remember that you only have a very small chance of making a good impression with your newsletters. One that they don't like in the looks and design department will surely be rejected in a heartbeat. So make sure you have a variety of designs that they can choose from.

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Date Published : Feb 23 2011

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