Sunday, May 1, 2011

Perhaps the Insanity is Nearly Over at Long Last

Clients have woken up to the fact that the Citizens of the Western World are becoming more and more distracted by the various media that continues to proliferate under advertising's largess.

As advertisers spend more, they extend media's restless tentacles, thus distracting us to the point where marketers have to spend yet more to regain our attention (if they ever had it in the first place!)

All the mounting evidence that advertising doesn't work goes totally ignored. Recently it was written that most marketing (theory and practice) is wish driven. The work on advertising effectiveness convincingly proves that there is no evidence that advertising persuades anybody to do anything; advertising can only be a 'weak' force.

Perhaps the Insanity is nearly over at long last!

Now, in addition, we have the craven-image of dotcom dementia 2.0

The problem is that the articles of faith among those who conquered their fear, denial, blind faith and desperate attachments to the status quo (“Advertising works”) now face the gathering reality of the chaos scenario! With most advertising these days where is one iota of information which will sell?
Mostly they don't tell consumers anything that matters, instead leaving that heavy lifting to other, less sexy marketing efforts.

And now....

back to the Internet... Advertising will fail:

The internet is the most liberating of all mass media developed to date. It is participatory, like swapping stories around a camp-fire or attending a renaissance fair. It is not meant solely to push content, in one direction, to a captive audience, the way movies or traditional network television did. It provides the greatest array of entertainment and information, on any subject, with any degree of formality, on demand. And it is the best and the most trusted source of commercial product information on cost, selection, availability, and suitability, using community content, professional reviews and peer reviews.

My basic premise is that the internet is not replacing advertising but shattering it, and all the king's horses, all the king's men, and all the creative talent of Madison Avenue cannot put it together again...

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Date Published : Mar 21 2011

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