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Mega Marketing for Mega Money Part 3

You can have a great Product or Service however if you keep it a secret, there won't be any Sales. Of course the missing part of the puzzle is always Marketing. Many people in Business feel that Marketing is an expense that can't afford. Nothing could be further from the truth and in this series of Articles I'll cover many ways to market your Product and/or Service for little or no money.

[13] Press Releases:
If you don't blow your Horn . . . who will? When you have any News of Value, shout it to the World in a Press Release. Send it to local Newspapers and Magazines, Radio and TV Talk Shows and over 100 Web Sites which publish Press Releases. It's the single most cost effective way to advertise and promote your Product or Service. Start with a creative and attention grabbing Headline. Write the Release in the third party and make it interesting by adding some humor, an analogy and/or some Industry Stats. Always include a Picture and short Bio with your contact information. If possible, include an offer for a Free Giveaway that readers or listeners can request which helps you track your results and build your Email List. Your goal should be to send out one Press Release each month.

[14] Articles or Tips:
Offer to provide Articles or even better, a series of monthly Tips to Associations and Organizations in your Industry to publish in their Newsletter, Ezine, Magazine and/or Web Site. Although they aren't directly endorsing you or your Company, you gain the impression as being an Industry Expert. Of course, ask them to include your Bio or at least contact information at the end of each Article or Tip,

[15] Use Add Ons to Build Value:
In today's environment, many Companies are offering Discounts. Although this can create some immediate Sales it creates a challenge to raise your Price later. Plus if you're constantly giving deep discounts, many Clients will wait and buy later because they know you'll probably be offering it cheaper in the future. Instead, offer an Add On to build value and keep your Pricing strong.

[16] Swipe and Deploy:
You don't have to reinvent the wheel. Instead, look for Slogans, Strategies, Sales, Themes, Processes, Campaigns and Specials which are being used successfully in other Industries, and then tweak them to apply to your Product or Service. Of course, make sure and avoid Copyright infringement.

[17] Recognize, Reward and Retain:
Let your best Customers (the 20% that buy the 80%) know how much you appreciate them by offering additional incentives or specials and the odds are that they will stay loyal to you longer. Recognize them with a Dinner, Gift Certificate or simply sending them a personal Note or Letter.

[18] Don't be a One Trick Pony:
I watched "America's Got Talent" one night and although there was some creativity and a few excellent Acts, most were a One Trick Pony. Most Acts were voted off within one or two rounds because they looked, sounded and performed exactly the same as their first round. Many Salespeople and so-called Marketing experts are also a One Trick Pony. Even though they work with Prospects with many different personalities, levels of education and a multitude of buying habits, they talk or write the same way to everyone.

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Date Published : Dec 12 2010

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